Monday, November 28, 2011

Being a Mom of a Pre Teen is not fun...

Danielle is 11. She is a pre teen. Being a parent of a pre teen is not easy. There is drama. LOTS of drama. Two weeks ago there was some drama at school and some of it involved her. It all started with Disneyland. There was a school trip for all the middle schoolers to go together and the kids got to arrange the small groups they wanted to be with for the day. Why the KIDS got to select the group is beyond me. So of course there were hurt feelings and tons of drama. I was very disappointed in my daughter for the way she handled things, but she is 11. I should have expected her to handle things like an adult, but I did. I made her write apology letters to the girls who she hurt but I think the damage was already done.

I wish girls would not be so mean. I wish I had better experience with this sort of thing and be able to guide her better through these times. I know there will be more trying times once we get into high school, but hopefully I will learn so I can be a better parent to Lily.

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