Monday, February 27, 2012

Danielle's Hand and more boring updates for anyone that possibly cares

Well I guess I took a really long break from blogging. Life caught up and I forgot. Well to sum up poor Danielle's hand...Turns our that my baby girl needed hand surgery. She cut a nerve in her ring finger, and severed a tendon in her pinky finger. After 2 1/2 hours of surgery she is fine. She needs physical therapy to retrain her brain to have feeling in her finger. She is on the mend now THANK GOD.  I am so glad that it is over.

The girls main Christmas gifts were a 7 day trip to Hawaii in June!! We are all very excited about the pending trip. But that meant I needed to be bikini ready in about 6 months. SO I went on this crazy Diet called the "HCG" Diet. I lost 20 pounds in about 3 1/2 weeks. If you have never heard of it just google it. It is very intense and you are not allowed to work out at all while being on this diet because you are consuming only 500 calories a day!! CRAZY! It wont work for everyone because you need to be very strict on the calorie intake, but i stuck with it and I LOVE the results!!! Since I lost the weight, I am in the "Maintenance" phase. This consists of still making wise choices when it comes to food, and yeah I have to suck it up and work out.

I joined a gym. Now, I have never ever in my entire life been athletic. Some how the athletic gene skipped me, in my family of athletes. I hired a trainer to help me learn the ropes of what I am supposed to do at the gym other then run on a treadmill. So far it has been working and I have been maintaining the weight I have lost. I have even gained some muscle!!!! Seeing the results make me want to continue with it.

The girls are, skating and such.....Matty is amazing as usual. I was talking about him the other day to a co worker and I litterly burst into tears just speaking about him. My husband is different. He is anti social, weird and keeps to himself. He is the complete opposite of me. But that is why I love him. He makes my life not normal and full of  surprises. He is funny, caring and so loving. Most people don't see that side of him. That side of him, is what made me fall head over heels in love with him. He took me and my girls and made us one big family. I get emotional when I talk about him, I really do know that I am damn lucky to have him.

Mylee's death anniversary is coming up and I am dreading it already. I miss that dog every day and even more when Morgan acts up. Oh goes on.

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