Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Updates and My New Thing

So....I haven't blogged in a while..Here is my excuse and it is a bad one: I can't blog anymore at work, (They have Internet restrictions) and by the time I get home, I am freaking tired. Lame. I know. But here are some little updates.

-My grandma is home from her rehab home and is not doing well. We hired a live in nurse and after day 5 she quit. We have hired a new nurse and I am going to give her 4 days tops till she also quits. My Grandma is a very difficult person and patient. Who ever takes care of her has to seriously be an angel.

-Danielle and Lily competed this weekend in ice skating and did very well. Danielle did a group performance and they WON!! Like a big time award. They get huge trophy to display at our home rink with their photo. I am one proud mama.

-We had our first BBQ this weekend with our friends and it was wonderful to see everyone.

-MY NEW THING: Doing the girls hair.
 I have always been pretty good at styling hair. I use to braid the manes and tails of the horses I showed, and that made doing human hair easy. But I found on YouTube an amazing blogger who has 4 little girls and she got tired of doing the same hairstyles on her girls. So she got creative, and started showing us other mom's some fun "do's" for our own little girls. I have never had so much fun with my girls. We have had a blast looking at this sweet ladies videos and seeing what style they wanted me to try. Here are some photos:

This one is my favorite!! I can hardly wait to do this style on Valentine's Day!

Danielle loved her Hippy Braid

Tonight I tried a reverse french braid and I am looking forward to trying that one out on them!!

-My garden is growing and I am happy to report that my strawberries are yummy and sweet.

-My BFF Jessica asked for her birthday party that we dress up and make a funny video to TLC's "No Scrubs" We had the best time ever. Here is a photo trying to bring out my inner "Left Eye"

-Summer has started and I need to work out. It is bathing suit season and I need to get rid of this excess jiggle I feel when I am walking.

-Fourth of July is coming it is my all time favorite holiday. I can hardly WAIT!!!


  1. Oh Kristy, when my hair grows out will come do mine? That's amazing. Seriously, beautiful.

  2. Of course I will Jen!! I love to do hair!!