Saturday, December 17, 2011

Slice and Dice

There are some graphic bloody Photos below please read at your own risk

On Tuesday night - Danielle had quite a bit of homework to complete, so instead of going out to dinner with Dana and the boys we decided to stay in and have Chinese food. I just got home and Dana just arrived when Danielle screamed "MOM!" in that tone that just makes every mothers heart sink. She comes running down the stairs with blood gushing out of her hand.I look at it and O.M.G. It is cut bad and it is cut deep. I wrap a paper towel around it and Dana was grabbing ice when Danielle says to me, "Mommy I can't feel my Fingers." Dana and I both just stopped for like half a second, and then just continued on trying in to comfort her. I called my uncle who is an Doctor and told him to meet me at the ER. I found out from Danielle that the lid of  her fish tank cracked in her hands and sliced her fingers. Meanwhile, as we are trying to get out the door, Lily is running around the house HYSTERICAL! Screaming there is BLOOD!! MY SISSY! Oh the drama....Well to make a long story short, she needed 6 stitches, and she might have cut a tendon in her pinky finger. We will know for sure in a week when the swelling goes down. Life is never a dull moment that is for sure!!!

Before the Stitches

All Nice and Sewn up

Such a brave girl!!

It was so scary to see my baby in so much pain. I wanted to freak out so bad, but as all Mom's know we just can't. We have to be the brave ones to comfort our kids. Danielle's Dad has nick named her Slice and Dice and that is going to stick for a while. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Girls Skating

Enjoy These videos of my girls doing what they love.

Weekend Events

-Danielle and Lily had some ice skating this week. It was such a long weekend. I am very happy to be done with it though.  

-Lily is obsessed with  Christmas. She if a firm believer in Santa. I tried a couple months ago to come "Clean" with her on Santa, and she FREAKED out and called me a liar. O.M.G. I am in trouble. Now she is into this "Elf on a Shelf" doll. All the kids at school have one and she "asked Santa" for it and she did appear at her dad's house. What this elf does is sit on a shelf and report to Santa on her behavior every night. So the next morning she is in a new spot. She is not allowed to touch the elf or the magic will disappear. This means every single NIGHT I have to move this little thing to new spot. I am going to forget one night I just know it.

-I feel like I am screwing up Danielle. She seems to always be in trouble, my dad called me to complain that I while I allowed Danielle to do her homework in his office this weekend, she trashed it. Left crumbs everywhere and started going through his things. It is so embarrassing to get a call from your father saying that he is mad at your kid.  I should have double checked his office, but I was in a hurry, and again I expect too much of her. Or do I? Shouldn't she know to not touch other people things? Oh she is in trouble today.

-Maybe I am not screwing Danielle up to much because I did an email from one of the girls mothers who Danielle was unkind to thanking me for having Danielle write to her daughter. 

-I have one weekend off from skating and then next weekend we are back at it again in full force.

-Oh I found out that all the Christmas cards I got printed, the main photo, Jacks w"thingy" is hanging out!!! I will see when I get the card just how bad it is. It is very funny though.