Monday, September 19, 2011

Tis the Season for Ice Skating

Well...We are in full competition mode. It is so draining physically on the whole family. Yesterday, my FAVORITE  day of the week, was spent being at an ice rink from 9:45 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. In that time I did 6 girls hair and some make up and watched my little Lily take first place!! I am so proud of her!! Here is some photos of my baby:

Regionals are just around the corner too...Followed by the Holiday shows and whatnot. Booo. I love watching my girls skate, but sometimes I am just too tired to even deal with it.

I love my animals and I talk about them a lot of my blog so here are some recent photos of my  "other" Children. :)

Look at that face she is FULL of trouble!!

Jacks was trying to hide

Ginny cat on her "Invisible Hammock"

On another note...Since I have started this blog - I never imagined people would read what I have to say or would even care. But since I started the blog I have had over 1,000 views!!! Most shocking is from all over the world! Someone from Saudi Arabia has viewed the blog and a BUNCH of people from Denmark and Malaysia too!! Lily and Danielle are the stars of the blog because my entries on their birthday got the highest page views. Thank you to all my readers!! I am still in shock you care what I say. Please continue reading!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I love Sundays. They are my one day to spend alone with my husband. We can do whatever we want. We usually sleep in till 8ish and then go out to eat. This weekend we went out to breakfast with his Mom and Step dad. After breakfast we ran a couple errands to come home and then I got a glorious 45 min nap on our new sofa. It was a perfect day for me to rest after Saturday. I had the pleasure of working a wedding this past weekend for an amazing client. Everything went perfectly and I am pretty sure I have gained a new friend from it.

Sunday was 9.11 and of course I didn't forget. On Saturday night Matty and I watched a Dateline special about the 10th anniversary. By the time it was over I was in tears. It is amazing how watching the horror  again can bring back up all those emotions. I was 20 at the time and I was watching the news thinking that it was an accident. Until, the second plane hit. I watched it live on TV and I just remember how scared I was. We all were scared. By the time the towers fell I was in the office working, but of course no work was being done. We all cried in the office watching them fall. My dad had us shut down the office at 1:00 because lets face it, no one was going to plan a wedding on that day. That day changed everything for us as a country. Danielle was too little to even remember it, and Lily was not born. Now that they are older I tried to explain it to them, but I don't think they will ever comprehend it fully. All I do know is that I will never ever forget.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skating Season Has Started....

Well...It's that time of year when the girls compete in skating. Danielle had one competition yesterday and she did very well. Here are some of the best photos I got:

Next week both girls compete on Sunday, followed by Regionals for Danielle in October. We have been so freaking busy with school and skating. Our plates are full. Danielle's homework is extremly over whelming. We have been up till 9:30 every night finishing it and then we get up by 5:00 a.m. to go to the rink. Yuck.

Matt and I have both been working out, and I know I lost some weight which makes me extremly happy and more confident.

Dogs are doing well...Jacks is of course perfect and Morgan well...She is crazy. I am sooo over the puppy stage. I can hardly wait for her to grow the Eff up.

Matty's Cousin is getting Married in October down in Laguna and Matt made reservations for us to stay at the Ritz! O.M.G!!!!!!!! I have never ever stayed in a Ritz! I am really looking forward to our little getaway.

Today 9.10.11 marks the 6 year anniversary of my dear Friends/ Family wedding. Mark and Dana - You guys came a family on this day, but WE also became family too. I love you both and know that family is not defined by blood. You are my family and we love dearly!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

School Has Started!!

Holy cow...I did not blog once in the month of August!!  It was a very busy time for us and school has started!! Lily has started second grade and Danielle is in sixth! O.M.G.When did they grow up??? Wasnt it just yesterday that Lily was born?? It is true that when you blink they are grown up. Next thing you know Danielle will be in college and Lily will be in High School....Well here is their first day of School Photo:

Oh and yes I have been busy playing with their hair...Lily lets me play wayyyy more then Danielle does:

This one is one of my favorites!!

My wonderful step mom invited Danielle and I to see Taylor Swift in concert last weekend, and it was AMAZING!! Taylor is such a good performer. It was such a wonderful night.

Danielle is getting ready for Regionals with Skating and I am so proud of her. She has worked her little butt off getting prepared for it. I also hope that I start blogging more becaue well....I really enjoy it!!

The Big Three O....

I turned 30. I never thought that I would being perfectly honest. It was just a large number that was so far away I never thought I would reach it. I started to get worried about hitting 30 when I turned 25. 25 was the perfect age. I was a couple years past 21 to and 5 years away from 30. If I could stop time it would be for sure at 25. However, I cannot stop time, and I did turn 30.

When the dreaded day came, it wasn't horrible. It really was just like any other day. I didn't feel 30. I still don't. I still feel like a child. I still feel sometimes lost in this world. I looked back on what I thought I would be if I did turn 30, and I guess I am where I thought I would be. Married with kids. I wish that I would have done more with my life, but I made choices at 18 that made my life turn out the way it did. You know what??? That is ok. I love my life, I love my kids, I love my husband and my family. My 20's were very hard but I am going to enjoy my 30's. I am hoping that Matty and I have a baby sometime soon. Oh 40's...Well...we will see how my 30's go.

1 Year Anniversary

Well, Matty and I have made it one year into our marriage. What a year it has been, I thought I would share the story of how we met.

Matt and I apparently went to school together when we were in Kindergarten and First Grade however we do not remember each other. I went back to the same school for my senior year, but I was not there for very long because well...I was pregnant with Danielle so I dropped out and I did homeschooling to get my diploma. Matt had no idea who I was, but I knew who HE was. He was the football star, very popular and extremly handsome. Flashword a few years, and we  met again when I was 24 at Saddle Ranch Chop House in Universal Studios. I was with a girlfriend who had attended Highschool with him and she knew the group of guys he was with. I was nervous because I did not know they guys very well...but anyways my first impression of Matt was well..."This guy is an asshole." He was stand offish and just seemed into himself. Hahah I was wrong...but he asked me to be his Myspace friend a couple days later and one random day we started chatting over IM. Now I did have a boyfriend at the time but I was looking for a way out. Matt was my way out. I ended the relationship with the other guy and moved on to Matt. I didnt think that Matt was going to be my husband, but I needed someone for a bit. I fell head over heels MADLY in love with him. Matt was loving, kind and good to me. He treated me like a princess and he still does to this day. Our relationship is not perfect in any way, but that is what makes it work for us. We have a deep respect for each other and I am so blessed to have found a man that not only loves me, but my children too. He gives us everything we could possibly want or need and does it with out asking for anything in return other then love.

Our wedding day was wonderful. It was hot as hell but everything went just the way I had planned it. Here are some photos:
My Lovely Bridal Party

My Amazing Siblings

Matty and I being models

My Shoes!!!! I LOVE THEM!!

The Vows..
First Kiss!!
Our First Family Photo

I can honestly say that I love my husband more today than I did the day I married him. I love him more because of the hard times this year has brought us. Struggling to pay bills, learning to live with each other and loosing Mylee. All of those hard times has brought us closer to each other. I am so blessed to have him.