Sunday, September 4, 2011

School Has Started!!

Holy cow...I did not blog once in the month of August!!  It was a very busy time for us and school has started!! Lily has started second grade and Danielle is in sixth! O.M.G.When did they grow up??? Wasnt it just yesterday that Lily was born?? It is true that when you blink they are grown up. Next thing you know Danielle will be in college and Lily will be in High School....Well here is their first day of School Photo:

Oh and yes I have been busy playing with their hair...Lily lets me play wayyyy more then Danielle does:

This one is one of my favorites!!

My wonderful step mom invited Danielle and I to see Taylor Swift in concert last weekend, and it was AMAZING!! Taylor is such a good performer. It was such a wonderful night.

Danielle is getting ready for Regionals with Skating and I am so proud of her. She has worked her little butt off getting prepared for it. I also hope that I start blogging more becaue well....I really enjoy it!!

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