Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Danielle Miranda Hamel

I am going to write about Danielle today since tomorrow is her birthday and I know I will not have time to make a post in the midst of all the activities we have planned.

I was 18 years old and a senior in high school when I found out that I was pregnant with Danielle. I got pregnant by my first boyfriend, so even though there was some scandal involved there was also a lot of innocence on our parts. Being 18, unwed and pregnant was the scariest time of my life. After much debate Michael and I decided to go ahead and make the biggest decision of our lives and be parents. There was drama, lost friends, new friends and hours of crying during her pregnancy. I was very blessed to have had family stand right by our sides. They were the ones that held us up when we wanted to fall and just give up. Not many people in our situation have that and I thank God every day for their support.

Early on Michael and I decided to have a planned home birth. We both did our share of research and knew that a homebirth was best for us. I was due to have Danielle on May 11, 2000 but I just knew she was coming early. On April 28th, 2000 at 4:00 a.m. I went into labor. I woke up the midwife and she checked me and said for sure Danielle was coming. She made me get in the bath tub for about an hour and then made me go on a long walk around the block. That really got things going because Danielle was born at 8:58 a.m. It was fast, and painful, but it was amazing. To see that all that drama come out in such a beautiful little person was very humbling. Danielle was 7 pounds 12 oz. and had a head full of bright red hair. She was perfect. She was the most perfect little baby. Her crying was hardly ever, and she was pure joy to be around.

Here is Danielle at 2 years old taking a bath with our cat "Meow"

Danielle's dad and I did get married but as most teenage relationships go we did not make it as a couple. We were blessed though to have Lily though! (Which is another entry on her birthday) The divorce was hard on all 3 of us, but Michael and I were and are very determined to not let it affect her. Oh there were moments, we were kids after all, but we did our best to get through it.

When Lily came around Danielle was the best big sister ever. She looked at Lily like OUR baby and took such good care of her. I never ever could have been a single mom at 23 with 2 kids if not for Danielle. Her smile and good nature made a hard situation so easy.

The girls on Easter 2005

When we moved up the Burbank area and I started working full time, Danielle needed an activity and lucky for me my family owns an ice arena! Danielle started skating and has become quite the little athlete.

Danielle made me grow up. She made me become the woman I am today. She drives me crazy and sometimes I think about beating her...but I am so thankful that I have her. She is my everything. I have been blessed to be her mother. Happy Birthday Danielle. Thank you for being in my life and bringing me so much joy.I am so proud of you for all that you have and will accomplish.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Trip to the Vets Office

Yesterday we took Jack and Morgan to the vet's office. Morgan needed her vaccinations and Jack needed his ears looked at. All went well with the visit. Jack weighed in at a whopping 95 pounds and Morgan at a solid 20. Jack's ears are fine, and Morgan is a healthy little pup. We asked the vet about Jack's eye and he informed us that he thinks it was surgically removed. Probably he was born with a bad eye and the previous owners just had it removed. (That makes me feel soo much better then him loosing it in a horrible accident)

On our way out of the office things got a little crazy - some stupid mutt started drama in the waiting area so we had to put girls and the dogs in the car till Matt was able to pay the bill so we could leave. I am starting to love Morgan. Not a lot but a little. I snapped some super cute photos of her and Jack's playing the backyard. Enjoy!!!

Morgan got a little sad that Jacks' can whoop her booty. I love that face!!


This year I was blessed with having both the girls on Easter. Since I was with Matt’s family for a cruise in February, we went with my side for Easter. My dad took us to Lakeside for their annual Easter Brunch. My girls looked adorable in their Easter outfits.

I need to upload on my computer the photos of me in my beautiful H&M dress…. I felt really pretty. Lily got to ride a pony – enjoyed the petting zoo.

The afternoon was the best part. Our ice rink was closed to the public but open for the family!! We all skated and had the best time ever. I am really starting to get irritated for not uploading the photos…Ok I am going to do it tonight and have an *Updated* blog to show all the good times we had. It was one of the best Easters EVER!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Blurbs and an Embarressing Story

-My grandparents lost their beloved Australian shepherd the day before Brady was born, so now they are looking for a new baby. They found a 3 1/2 year old Aussie who is a retired show dog. I was able to meet him yesterday. He is adorable and perfect. Just what they need.

-Lily and I got our new glasses and she asked me, "Mommy do I look smarter in my new glasses?" I replied with "Lily you do not need glasses to look smarter, you already are." She is sooo freaking adorable.

-Danielle got in trouble and for punishment I told her that, for her upcoming birthday she could not have BOTH a party and a Disneyland trip. (I had promised her both) I let her choose, and she picked Disneyland with the family. I fully expected her to choose the party, but she wanted Disneyland. God I love her!!!

-I like to take Jacks with me when I go to pick up Danielle at the rink because it is late at night. He has always been a perfect gentleman until last night. Danielle asked to stay a couple minutes later then usual because it was one of her skater friends birthdays and she wanted a piece of cake. As we are walking out of the rink, Jacks squats and takes a massive diarrhea dump all over the mat that the kids use to see what size skates they need. I was/am beyond horrified and embarrassed! I make Danielle run and take him outside and do the best I can to help clean the mess up, but I was more in their way of cleaning then anything else. OH did I mention that this took place RIGHT before a public session, and there was like a million kids running around while his shit was stinking up the place??? I then started to freak out because I did not feed Jacks and I am now worried about him. I go outside and he looks just as embarrassed as me. I get him home and tell the husband about what happened and he looks at me with this grin on his face. He confesses to me that he fed Jacks Morgan's puppy food about an hour before I left!! O.M.G. I never would have taken him, if I had known that!!!! Grr...Well I owe the ice rink crew something for all their trouble that is for sure.

-I finally found a battery for Morgan's shock collar. Before PETA goes all crazy on me for using one, we use it very sparingly. Mainly at night so that Matt and I can get a good nights sleep. Little puppy also behaves better when it is on too.

-My Dad thinks that parents help out with their grandchildren too much. I think he is crazy. In this economy 90 % of both parents work and need help from their families. I ask for help all the time, but now I am going to be very careful in asking my dad. He obviously sees his grandchildren as a burden.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brady William Stavert

I haven't posted in a WEEK! What is up with that?? OH yeahhh my nephew was born! My sister in law was in labor for almost 20+ hours to only have a Cesarean because the baby was to big. I feel like I have lived at the hospital too for the past few days. Anyways here are the stats on him.

Brady William Stavert
Born: April 14th, 2011 at 10:29 a.m.
8 Pounds 7 ounces
21 inches

I am one proud auntie

 Brady with his Cousins and Auntie Dana

The New Family

Matt is sick of me talking about him, but he is a part of me, and I love him so much I can hardly stand it. I have never ever, fallen in love with a guy as fast as I have with Brady. Welcome to the world little one!! Your favorite Auntie needs to get you a playmate FAST!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Ramblings

-Lily is on a roll with her comedy:
  "Danielle is a baby hogger, she is just like the evil witch from Rapunzel in Tangled."
  "You know what is frustrating? Your talking."
  "I want to be a better person mommy." I say, "Lily you are a GREAT person." She says "No I am not I cry all the time." (She says this as she is sobbing hysterically while walking away.)

-My BFF Michael King is in town and I plan on having some good times with him.

-My Husband has slept on the sofa for two nights in a row, and not because we are fighting. It is because the Morgan keeps barking at him. Funny though, the second he leaves the room she settles down...

-I am going to be an AUNTIE for the first time tomorrow. I can hardly wait.

-I love my other BFF Jessica. Whenever we are together, time just flys, and I enjoy every single second with her. Even if we are just on the sofa talking it is always good times.

-I have the best children in the world. Seriously. They are smart, funny, talented, loving, kind hearted, and the sunshine of my life. I would not be the person I am today with out them in my life.

No blog is really complete unless there is a photo. So here is Uncle Kyle - soon to be daddy, skating with his nieces.

Friday, April 8, 2011

IKEA is the Place To be!!

IKEA is known for great affordable furniture, but does anyone know about their great affordable food??? They also have this play area for kids ages 3-8 for free! You drop off your child for an hour, shop and then pick them up. How freaking cool is that??? Dana made another date night for us at IKEA. We dropped off Lily and David and then took a nice long walk around the store. While we were walking around Danielle started to freak out. She pointed to a girl who I instantly recognized. It was Ashley Fink from Glee! I told Danielle to go get her autograph and a photo. Of course little one got shy so I helped her out. Ashley was shopping with her mom and when I interrupted her to ask for a photo and autograph she was so NICE. She asked for Danielle's name and wrote a cute little message for her. She was more then happy to let me take a photo. It warmed my heart to see a celebrity be so nice to my daughter. Here is how starstruck Danielle is.
Thank you Ashley for being so nice to us when we bothered you shopping with your mom.

While Danielle was still recovering from her celebrity encounter we walked over the the bed section. Danielle saw this bed and told me that when I have another baby this is the bed she wants to have with Lily. Apparently little one is planning on sharing a room with Lily once I have another baby. Can she not possibly get any sweeter???? Ok here is Danielle and Lily's future bed.
Danielle says she gets the bottom bed and Lily gets the top.

We then picked up the kids from the playland and went to dinner. A hot dinner with drinks for the three of us was $17.56. WOW. That is less then MacDonald's. We had huge portions and the food was surprisingly tasty. I might just come to eat there again.

I took Lily to her sleepover at her Uncle Kyle's apartment and I heard they had a great time. Kyle and Lily made pancakes and now they are just being lazy.
I love that my brother loves her as much as I do. Makes me so excited for his own baby coming any day now..

Danielle and I had our own lazy morning today. I got to sleep in to the lovely hour of 7 a.m. instead of the god awful hour of 5 a.m. While I was getting ready I took this adorable photo of Danielle and Jack. He wanted to be close to us, and I caught him giving her a kiss.

I really have hit the Jackpot with my family. I have two amazing daughters, a loving protective dog, and nice puppy who has potential to be another wonderful family dog, and the best husband a girl could ask for. Life is good.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lily Loves Candy and No One Else

Yesterday I went to Toys R us to buy my preggo sister in law a diper bag. I took Lily with me cause Danielle was still skating. When we walked in Lily says to me "Mommy I am in heaven right now. I could just live here and play with all of the toys." Silly child. So, we went to the diper bag section and Lily was so helpful with picking out a bag. I told her that she could pick out one thing for herself. I had a great parent teacher conference with her teacher, and she has been very well behaved lately, I wanted to reward her. She picked out a Tangled doll and then we spotted IT. IT being a Cotton Candy Machine. Lily flipped out. I told her that she could only have ONE thing. The machine or the doll. She said I don't even care about the doll I WANT THE COTTON CANDY!!!! Here she is with her teasured toy.
Look at that smile. Precious!
The machine works off hard candy, so we used some peppermint candy canes. It works ok. It was hard to get the cotton candy to stick to the accutal stick, but it still tastes wonderful. I am so happy that something like this can make her smile.
Lily loves Candy and no one else. hahaha.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Puppy is not THAT bad.

So I MIGHT not have the worst puppy in the world after all. Morgan is turning out to be a good puppy. I was very concerned by day three that we might have adopted the devil dog. She was growling aggressively at us and bitting so hard on our arms and hands. She was LUNGING at our faces to nip our noses. All of us have been very consistent with telling her "No" when she does bad behavior, even Jacks is in on it. He is very quick to put her in line when she gets out of control. Her crate training is ever better!! I think she gets that the crate is not a punishment - but more of a "It is time to calm down for a bit time out."

I need to give a huge shout out to Dana Williams of Orange County Dog Trainer. She helped us with Mylee and because of what she has taught us back then has made us better dog owners to Morgan. My favorite tip that she gave us is canned pumpkin for doggy diarrhea. Regular pumpkin - not the pumpkin pie kind. That tip has saved our lives..
See how hard it is to stay mad at that face???

Some Random Ramblings again and Lilyism's a friend reminded me of.....

-I love my Tuesday dinners with Dana

-"I Love Candy and No ONE else" - Lily

-"If I marry Michael King that will make me a Queen"-Lily

-"I only wanted to come to this ice show for the Cotton Candy that's it"- Lily

-I love my husband. He is so good to me.

-I need to stop playing Plants vs. Zombies.

-I love Words with Friends

-Witnessing someone cheat on their wife sucks.

-BTW did I say how much I love my husband?? Oh yeah I did but I will say it again.I LOVE MY HUSBAND.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Lily is oh so Funny

Lily Cathryn Hamel was born on July 9th, 2004. I had an easy pregnancy and delivery with her. She has been a sparkling ray of sunshine in mine and Danielle's life. Danielle is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She has taken care of Lily (bosses her sometimes a little too much) since the day she was born. Lily was "Our Baby" and still is.

Over the past 3 years I have started to notice that Lily says the funniest things. For example:

Jessica, Danielle, Lily and I were at Disneyland, and took Lily for her first ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. Lily being the little princess she is was horrified and scared the whole ride. When it was over she looked at me and said "Mommy we MADE IT" She really thought we had a chance of NOT making it. Like I would make her go on a ride were we might all die...Silly child.

One day when Danielle was upset over something. We were driving at the time so I reached in the back of the car to hold Danielle's hand and Lily says to me "Mommy your nails are UGLY with out your Crick-a-licks on". (Crick-a-licks aka ACRYLIC Nails in Lily language) Danielle started cracking up and Sweet Lily says "See Danielle don't you feel better now that you are laughing?"

This happened last night...While driving home from a visit to my grandparents we were talking and laughing and I have NO idea how this came up but Lily says "Danielle you don't have boobies you have nipplettes." WHAT. THE. FREAK. How does she come up with this???

I have a million more Lilyism's but I can't remember them right now. But if Danielle and I did not have Lily in our lives we would not smile as much as we do thanks to her.
Lily you are my sunshine, and I think you have a future in comedy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Serious Ramblings that Don't Really Make Sense

Today's Post will be little blurbs on the past couple days..

-There has been an insane amount of drama at my job and it will just get worse next week. I will be so happy when it is over.

-I finally found Danielle an Easter outfit. She is not overly excited with it, but does not hate it. That is a huge success for me.

-Went out to dinner with my dad last night, had some good times...

-The girls are with their dad for the weekend, so Matty and I will get some much needed time together. Though by time together it usually involves Matt forcing me to clean the house. Grr..

-My sister in law is still preggo and miserable

-Had a migraine from work stress..

-Morgan is a feisty little shit and I want her to knock it off.

-I found a stray yellow cat and I am going to start feeding it, much to Matt's dismay. I might even name it if he/she starts to come around more.

-I love my brother Kyle cause he goes up to my house to let the dogs out to go potty for me. I won't be able to ask him for help like that, cause he is about to be a daddy.

-No one played an April Fool's Joke on me. Thank god.

-It is Saturday - which is my Friday and I have Sunday - Monday off. Woot woot!!