Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Lily is oh so Funny

Lily Cathryn Hamel was born on July 9th, 2004. I had an easy pregnancy and delivery with her. She has been a sparkling ray of sunshine in mine and Danielle's life. Danielle is the best big sister anyone could ask for. She has taken care of Lily (bosses her sometimes a little too much) since the day she was born. Lily was "Our Baby" and still is.

Over the past 3 years I have started to notice that Lily says the funniest things. For example:

Jessica, Danielle, Lily and I were at Disneyland, and took Lily for her first ride on Pirates of the Caribbean. Lily being the little princess she is was horrified and scared the whole ride. When it was over she looked at me and said "Mommy we MADE IT" She really thought we had a chance of NOT making it. Like I would make her go on a ride were we might all die...Silly child.

One day when Danielle was upset over something. We were driving at the time so I reached in the back of the car to hold Danielle's hand and Lily says to me "Mommy your nails are UGLY with out your Crick-a-licks on". (Crick-a-licks aka ACRYLIC Nails in Lily language) Danielle started cracking up and Sweet Lily says "See Danielle don't you feel better now that you are laughing?"

This happened last night...While driving home from a visit to my grandparents we were talking and laughing and I have NO idea how this came up but Lily says "Danielle you don't have boobies you have nipplettes." WHAT. THE. FREAK. How does she come up with this???

I have a million more Lilyism's but I can't remember them right now. But if Danielle and I did not have Lily in our lives we would not smile as much as we do thanks to her.
Lily you are my sunshine, and I think you have a future in comedy.

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