Friday, April 8, 2011

IKEA is the Place To be!!

IKEA is known for great affordable furniture, but does anyone know about their great affordable food??? They also have this play area for kids ages 3-8 for free! You drop off your child for an hour, shop and then pick them up. How freaking cool is that??? Dana made another date night for us at IKEA. We dropped off Lily and David and then took a nice long walk around the store. While we were walking around Danielle started to freak out. She pointed to a girl who I instantly recognized. It was Ashley Fink from Glee! I told Danielle to go get her autograph and a photo. Of course little one got shy so I helped her out. Ashley was shopping with her mom and when I interrupted her to ask for a photo and autograph she was so NICE. She asked for Danielle's name and wrote a cute little message for her. She was more then happy to let me take a photo. It warmed my heart to see a celebrity be so nice to my daughter. Here is how starstruck Danielle is.
Thank you Ashley for being so nice to us when we bothered you shopping with your mom.

While Danielle was still recovering from her celebrity encounter we walked over the the bed section. Danielle saw this bed and told me that when I have another baby this is the bed she wants to have with Lily. Apparently little one is planning on sharing a room with Lily once I have another baby. Can she not possibly get any sweeter???? Ok here is Danielle and Lily's future bed.
Danielle says she gets the bottom bed and Lily gets the top.

We then picked up the kids from the playland and went to dinner. A hot dinner with drinks for the three of us was $17.56. WOW. That is less then MacDonald's. We had huge portions and the food was surprisingly tasty. I might just come to eat there again.

I took Lily to her sleepover at her Uncle Kyle's apartment and I heard they had a great time. Kyle and Lily made pancakes and now they are just being lazy.
I love that my brother loves her as much as I do. Makes me so excited for his own baby coming any day now..

Danielle and I had our own lazy morning today. I got to sleep in to the lovely hour of 7 a.m. instead of the god awful hour of 5 a.m. While I was getting ready I took this adorable photo of Danielle and Jack. He wanted to be close to us, and I caught him giving her a kiss.

I really have hit the Jackpot with my family. I have two amazing daughters, a loving protective dog, and nice puppy who has potential to be another wonderful family dog, and the best husband a girl could ask for. Life is good.

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