Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lily Loves Candy and No One Else

Yesterday I went to Toys R us to buy my preggo sister in law a diper bag. I took Lily with me cause Danielle was still skating. When we walked in Lily says to me "Mommy I am in heaven right now. I could just live here and play with all of the toys." Silly child. So, we went to the diper bag section and Lily was so helpful with picking out a bag. I told her that she could pick out one thing for herself. I had a great parent teacher conference with her teacher, and she has been very well behaved lately, I wanted to reward her. She picked out a Tangled doll and then we spotted IT. IT being a Cotton Candy Machine. Lily flipped out. I told her that she could only have ONE thing. The machine or the doll. She said I don't even care about the doll I WANT THE COTTON CANDY!!!! Here she is with her teasured toy.
Look at that smile. Precious!
The machine works off hard candy, so we used some peppermint candy canes. It works ok. It was hard to get the cotton candy to stick to the accutal stick, but it still tastes wonderful. I am so happy that something like this can make her smile.
Lily loves Candy and no one else. hahaha.

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  1. You spelled DIAPER bag wrong...
    love kailey :)