Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Blurbs and an Embarressing Story

-My grandparents lost their beloved Australian shepherd the day before Brady was born, so now they are looking for a new baby. They found a 3 1/2 year old Aussie who is a retired show dog. I was able to meet him yesterday. He is adorable and perfect. Just what they need.

-Lily and I got our new glasses and she asked me, "Mommy do I look smarter in my new glasses?" I replied with "Lily you do not need glasses to look smarter, you already are." She is sooo freaking adorable.

-Danielle got in trouble and for punishment I told her that, for her upcoming birthday she could not have BOTH a party and a Disneyland trip. (I had promised her both) I let her choose, and she picked Disneyland with the family. I fully expected her to choose the party, but she wanted Disneyland. God I love her!!!

-I like to take Jacks with me when I go to pick up Danielle at the rink because it is late at night. He has always been a perfect gentleman until last night. Danielle asked to stay a couple minutes later then usual because it was one of her skater friends birthdays and she wanted a piece of cake. As we are walking out of the rink, Jacks squats and takes a massive diarrhea dump all over the mat that the kids use to see what size skates they need. I was/am beyond horrified and embarrassed! I make Danielle run and take him outside and do the best I can to help clean the mess up, but I was more in their way of cleaning then anything else. OH did I mention that this took place RIGHT before a public session, and there was like a million kids running around while his shit was stinking up the place??? I then started to freak out because I did not feed Jacks and I am now worried about him. I go outside and he looks just as embarrassed as me. I get him home and tell the husband about what happened and he looks at me with this grin on his face. He confesses to me that he fed Jacks Morgan's puppy food about an hour before I left!! O.M.G. I never would have taken him, if I had known that!!!! Grr...Well I owe the ice rink crew something for all their trouble that is for sure.

-I finally found a battery for Morgan's shock collar. Before PETA goes all crazy on me for using one, we use it very sparingly. Mainly at night so that Matt and I can get a good nights sleep. Little puppy also behaves better when it is on too.

-My Dad thinks that parents help out with their grandchildren too much. I think he is crazy. In this economy 90 % of both parents work and need help from their families. I ask for help all the time, but now I am going to be very careful in asking my dad. He obviously sees his grandchildren as a burden.

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