Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Little Trip to the Vets Office

Yesterday we took Jack and Morgan to the vet's office. Morgan needed her vaccinations and Jack needed his ears looked at. All went well with the visit. Jack weighed in at a whopping 95 pounds and Morgan at a solid 20. Jack's ears are fine, and Morgan is a healthy little pup. We asked the vet about Jack's eye and he informed us that he thinks it was surgically removed. Probably he was born with a bad eye and the previous owners just had it removed. (That makes me feel soo much better then him loosing it in a horrible accident)

On our way out of the office things got a little crazy - some stupid mutt started drama in the waiting area so we had to put girls and the dogs in the car till Matt was able to pay the bill so we could leave. I am starting to love Morgan. Not a lot but a little. I snapped some super cute photos of her and Jack's playing the backyard. Enjoy!!!

Morgan got a little sad that Jacks' can whoop her booty. I love that face!!

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