Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am gonna Kick some ASS...

So, Danielle tells me yesterday while we were driving home, that there has been some drama in the 5th grade...This boy named Elliott said to one of Danielle's friends "I only SAID I like Danielle because I felt SORRY for her." Ummm WTF? Many things came running to my mind and most of them were like this:@#%$!!! But I tried digging to find out what really happened...So Danielle used to like this boy Elliott and like most girls do she has moved on to another one - but I am guessing that this little punk is pissed. So he said something to another girl to repeat to Danielle. I asked Danielle why the girl said something and she said "Mommy he wanted me to know."

Danielle informed me that she was so mad at him and would not forgive him. So I tried to talk to her about not having to be ignore him, accept the apology etc...I get home and I am starting to get REALLY Mad! How dare he?? Well in about an hour and over some text messages, they are "friends". I know my daughter and she is not over it, and will never ever forget what he said.

I wont either!! I am steaming mad at this punk ass!!  How could be so mean to my sweet baby angel??? Next time I see him, I am soooo tripping him.

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