Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Loosing it.

I have been feeling so out of it. Not organized, not put together, and behind everything. I need to pull it together man. Between Volleyball games, ice skating tests and competitions, I am LOOSING IT!! I need to get my shit together and fast because I do not have the TIME to loose it. Here are some little updates:

-Danielle has 2 ice skatings tests next week and a competion this Satuday. Oh so does Lily. Great. 

-I saw my good friend Kellie for lunch on Sunday and I took Jack along. It is a dog friendly patio dining. He did great....until he saw a shaggy looking dog and decided the dog need to DIE. I got a very nasty look from the owner. Not my fault my dog hates your dog lady. Try brushing him and maybe my dog won't try to kill yours. I am just saying.....

-Matt has been working like a mad man on my backyard. He is making me a beautiful arbor. Lucky me. Matt is not working at the moment so he has also been helping me with the girls schedule. You would think with the extra help I am getting I would not be loosing IT. But I am...I am so thankful for him.

Back off ladies this sexy man is MINE!!

-I was talking with someone on what I would do with my life if I wasn't working at Pickwick...and honestly I don't know. I am seriously burned out on weddings. I am tired of them. Not all of them. Just MOST of them.

-My grandparents go their new doggy and he is beautiful and I love him.

-I love Brady too he is soooo freaking cute.

-Lily likes her eggs decorated

-I can hardly wait to see "Something Borrowed" I have read the book like 5 times and I am excited to see how it will look on the big screen. Speaking of movies - "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer is being mad into a movie too! I adored the book read it at least twice, and I am eagarly anticipating this one as well. I do have a long time to wait considering it does not get released until 2012.

-I got to play dress up in my wedding dress for my BFF's new business. She does set designs for vintage photo shoots and needed me to model in my dress. Lucky me.

-Hope I pull it together soon!!

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