Saturday, September 10, 2011

Skating Season Has Started....

Well...It's that time of year when the girls compete in skating. Danielle had one competition yesterday and she did very well. Here are some of the best photos I got:

Next week both girls compete on Sunday, followed by Regionals for Danielle in October. We have been so freaking busy with school and skating. Our plates are full. Danielle's homework is extremly over whelming. We have been up till 9:30 every night finishing it and then we get up by 5:00 a.m. to go to the rink. Yuck.

Matt and I have both been working out, and I know I lost some weight which makes me extremly happy and more confident.

Dogs are doing well...Jacks is of course perfect and Morgan well...She is crazy. I am sooo over the puppy stage. I can hardly wait for her to grow the Eff up.

Matty's Cousin is getting Married in October down in Laguna and Matt made reservations for us to stay at the Ritz! O.M.G!!!!!!!! I have never ever stayed in a Ritz! I am really looking forward to our little getaway.

Today 9.10.11 marks the 6 year anniversary of my dear Friends/ Family wedding. Mark and Dana - You guys came a family on this day, but WE also became family too. I love you both and know that family is not defined by blood. You are my family and we love dearly!!!

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