Thursday, March 10, 2011

All In A Name

On my birth certificate my name is Kristen Elaine Stavert. My family nick named me Krissy right away. Forever I was called Krissy Stavert. I was fine with it, after all I didn't really think about it. Well something happened when I was 14. All of the sudden I HATED my name. It sounded stupid and immature and I was mature and a grown up at 14. (So I thought) I decided to change my name to KRISTY. That sounded grown up, mature and oh so cool to my little 14 year old self. Also there was a TV show on called Christy staring Kellie Martin and it was a big hit at the time, so that also helped me like my new name better. I started inducing myself to everyone as Kristy.

My new name did not fly with so many people. Mainly family and old friends. My family still calls me Krissy and so do my old friends. They flat out refuse to call me Kristy. This drove me CRAZY!!! How dare they not call me by my new name????

Time has passed and I do not hate my old name. In fact I divide my friends in two categories: The ones that call me Krissy, and the ones that call me Kristy. Krissy is now a term of endearment and I completly embrace it. However I still prefer Kristy thank you very much.

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