Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Morgan Mylee Sagona

After Mylee passed, I knew that we have to get another puppy and fast. Not that Matt or I are really ready for one yet, but it is not just about us. Jacks is depressed, the girls are sad, and we need to move forward. I need to show the girls that life goes on. I also know that Mylee wouldn't want us to be sad. She would want us to be happy like she always was. So I had to begin the search....

Matt and I wanted a female lab puppy. Not an adult.  We wanted to start that bond again like we had with Mylee. I started looking up breeders. Holy SHIT those dogs are EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!! I was not going to pay $1500.00 for a puppy. I am not showing or breeding her and not spending that much money. I stopped looking up breeders and went to the pennysaver and then the recycler. Yay!! Tons of puppies that are resonable!! I waited for the emails to come pouring in. Oh the came alright, but all of them were a SCAM!!! Wanted me to send them money for a puppy and have it shipped to me. EXCUSE ME, why are you advertising a puppy for sale in Los Angeles when you LIVE IN ICELAND??? No, I will not send you money stop contacting me you con artist!!

Just when I was starting to get really discouraged, a glimmer of hope appeared! A nice lady with a small breeding kennal had puppies, and they were resonably priced. She sent me some photos, and ohhh nooo she only had black labs. Hmm...Matt and I wanted a yellow lab with a black nose. I told her I would get back to her. So we waited a couple days. I talked with the girls to get their input on a new family member. Danielle told me she wanted a lab, but "Please mommy, can we get a black one? I do not want a yellow or white one because of Mylee and Sandee." I talked to Matt about it and I went that day to get her.

It was a long drive to Lancaster, so I brought along my preggo sister in law to keep me company. I cried most of the ride there. The breeder is a sweet lady and you can tell she really loves her dogs. We picked out the puppy and were on our way home. We first introduced her to Jacks. He was not really sure what to make of her:
I know it will take a while, but they will be best friends soon enough.

Next was the GIRLS!!!

Seeing them smile again makes it alll worth it.

So now we have a puppy. Morgan Mylee Sagona. Bring on the sleepless nights, ruined panties, and shoes. I know the end result will be a loving family member. Welcome Morgan you have a lot to live up to!!!!

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