Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sundays can sometimes be a little crazy

When Friday came, I was excited. Call me a bad mom, but I had the girls for 11 days straight and I like some time alone. I think the girls were over me too, and were looking forward to spending some time with their dad's side of the family. Friday night was very uneventful. Just relaxed at home, and spent some time with the husband.

BAM - thank you migraine for ruining my Saturday. I woke up with one of the WORST headaches I have had in a year. I can't even reread my last blog. It is embarrassing how horrific it is. Note to Kristy: Don't blog when you have a migraine. You sound like an idiot and make no sense whatsoever.  I went home early from work, and slept till almost 6 p.m. trying to get rid of the stupid migraine. I had made plans for my BFF Jessica to come over 2 weeks ago, and I was determined to feel better. When she made it over, I still was a little out of it, but we still had a great night of girl talk over some take out. (Well, take out for me but my super skinny friend thinks she is fat, so she had some stupid meal that was from the "Zone" diet)

Sunday morning I got to sleep in and woke up PAIN FREE!!! I had made plans to meet another BFF Kellie for lunch at the Glendale Americana. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and SURPRISE it was not crowded. I had Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, and WOW. I had no idea that adding some Lemon Zest with some ricotta cheese to pancake mix would make a mouth orgasm. It was delicious and I might have to make some for Matt one day.

I also got an Easter Dress for myself and Lily at my favorite store H&M. Lily is so easy to shop for. Buy her something pink she is a happy lady. Danielle...Well we are working on finding a dress that will fit her "Tween Style" Apparently Target and H&M won't cut it anymore. All her friends are shopping at Forever 21 so that is where we have to shop from now on...Grr...Anyways here is my awesome dress!!!

Sunday afternoon is where things got a little crazy. My brothers wife started to go into labor. My poor brother was stranded at work with out a way for him to get to Sarah. So he called me to get my ass over there. After watching her for a bit I knew that she needed to go to the hospital. At that point Kyle got home and we quickly got a bag packed and got out the door. After talking to the on call doctor, he said he did not want to let her have the baby yet. So the nurse gave her a shot and stopped her contractions. The next day Kyle and Sarah went to their personal OB and he said that everything is good to go next time she goes into labor. I guess the next phone call I get will be a go for sure.

In other unrelated news...My dogs have a rough life of sleeping all day:

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