Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I love Tuesdays!!!

I started going to Kid's Eat Free at Islands about 5 months ago with my dear friend Dana and her two children . I look forward to Tuesdays more then any other day of the week. I love spending time with her and my nephews. We talk about our husbands, kids, family, and work drama. It is our time, and I cherish our dinners together.Oh I am not prego. The stress of loosing Mylee must have made me late. I do want to be pregnant. I just want to pop out one more kid, tie my tubes and be done. Matt has other plans. He is not ready, and there is no way I am gonna push him. It is hard to not feel pressure though. Everyone I know is either knocked up or just popped one out. While we were at Islands I ran into a girl that I knew from Matty's partying days and SHE was prego and married!!!!! She is one of the LAST people I would have thought would be knocked up...Matt and I have only been married for almost 8 months, and it really is crazy that I am feeling this baby urge. I already have two of my own, plus a puppy. Ok I am just going to wait and not think about my internal clock ticking and roting ovaries...

Since Easter is around the corner, I have been looking for a new pair of shoes to go with my dress. I found these the other day at Target online. I really want them!!

I think I am going to make Matt buy them for me. They are only $20.00

Jacks has been staying close to me at night, which I love. Sleeping at night has been so hard with out Mylee next to me. She would sleep either by my legs or smack in the middle of Matt and I. I miss her warm body and her smell. Last night I felt Jacks jump on the bed and laid almost his whole body on me. All 100+ pounds!! I had to move him a little to be comfortable, but it felt so nice to have him there.

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