Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Head

When I was 9 I started to get headaches. They started to get worse and worse, and then they got debilitating. I got sick to my stomach, and could not get out of bed till it was gone. The pain usually lasted about 14 hrs. I learned that I was having migraines, not headaches. No one can understand the pain of one till you have it. Since I have had them since I was 9 I can start to "feel" one coming on, and I am brace myself. Some times they are mild sometimes they are so bad I have to lock myself in my room. The lights have to be out and I need ice for my head so I try and sleep it off.

Migraines are hereditary. My grandmothers on BOTH sides of my family have them, so I was destined to have them. (FML) My oldest daughter Danielle is getting them. I feel horrible for passing this on to her. I hope that Lily doesn't get them.

I have a migraine today which is why I thought I should write about it. If you know anyone who suffers from them, please be sympathetic to them.

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