Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Dad's Crazy Pants

I have a had a lot of sadness in my last couple blogs, so I am going with a funny one today. My dad was the president of his country club last year, and part of being president is planning the "President's Ball. The President and his wife are in charge of putting this event on. So the theme my dad went with was "Derby Day". That meant guests dressing up seersucker suits, big hats, cigars, whiskey and lots and lots of booze.
 Matt, Kyle and Sarah and I were invited to this joyous occasion. Surprisingly we had a great time. Here are a couple photos of the good times we had:

Pay attention to my dad's suit. He found it from a tailor some where in Los Angeles and fell in love with his style. He bought a couple other items from him as well. PANTS!! He bought CRAZY pants from this dude.

Notice Crazy Pants #1

They Look like pj's. Yet he wore them to work....

Crazy Pants #2

Hmm....Not much better. I think it is the sweater that is really not helping

Crazy Pants#3

You can't really tell from the photo but those pants are plaid. Gross.

Example #4
My Father got these pants as a joke from his friend. It is the logo from his Country Club. Yet he is wearing them in public. My dad is a lost cause.

We got Mylee's ashes yesterday. I thought I would be basket case over it, but I am more relieved. It feels good to have her home where she belongs. Every day is getting better and better.

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