Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Sweet Mylee

I have only been a blogger for MAYBE two weeks. In that time I have talked about my dogs at least twice. We are animal lovers, and we treat our animals as family members. Tragedy has struck our house last week and we have lost our Mylee. I feel that I need to write about her. To just get it out of my system so I can move on.
When Matt and I were dating he had a white lab named Sandee. She was his dog and he started bringing her over for visits when we got serious. She was 13 years old when I met her. I knew that she was not going to be around for forever, so I just enjoyed the time that we had. As all dogs do she passed away in November 2008. It was a sad day for all of us. Mostly Matt because she was his best friend. The girls were sad of course but moved on very quickly.

Mylee Sandee Sagona came into our lives in December 2008. She was the CUTEST puppy I have ever seen. Here is a photo of how beautiful she was:
She stole my heart instantly. It took a little longer for Matt as he was still recovering from the loss of Sandee. When Matt handed her to me I knew he was committing to the girls and I. That someday we would get married. I mean you don't just give a girl a dog without making SOME sort of commitment. He proposed on January 1st. 2009. I sure scored that year a puppy and a huge ring.
Mylee was a good baby, but a horrible dog. Most of that was our my fault. It had been so long since I had raised a dog that I was not prepared for it. I didn't start really training her till she was 6 months old. I thought she was too young to be trained...boy was I wrong. I should have started right away. It would have saved me sooo much time. Even though she had some bad habits, (Eating my panties, bras, shoes, power cords etc...) her love for us was undeniable. I remember 6 months ago we had to take her to the vets for some stitches due to some rough play outside, and how when she was done with her procedure she RAN with her all her might to get to the girls and I to take her home. If I had ever doubted her love before, she just showed me in that moment that she was mine and we were hers. Anyways, after Matt and I got married in July 2010 and moved into his house with a nice yard. I knew it was time for a friend. She was lonely and needed something to keep her busy while we were gone at work all day.

Captain Jack came into our lives on August 15th, 2010. He is a 3 year old one - eyed German Shepherd and Mylee's best friend. They bonded the second their eyes locked. They played in the back yard, barked at people daring to walk by our house, and any potential intruders to our home. Life was good. Mylee no longer needed her crate to sleep in at night. She was trustworthy, loving and loyal. I loved her more and more every day. We all did.

On Wednesday morning the dogs were playing outside like any other day. Matt told me he wanted them to be inside all day so I called Danielle to bring them in before we left for school. She screamed "Mom!" in that way that every mother knows means there is something horribly wrong. I run out there and she is yelling "Jack is hurting Mylee" She is hysterical. I look and sure enough it looks like Jack is going to town on her neck. I scream for him to stop and he doesn't. I grab a hose and spray them. He comes over to me dragging her and I see what is really going on. While playing his lower jaw got hooked in her collar and twisted . He couldn't get it off and he was crying. I pinched the collar to release it, but it wouldn't it was stuck so tight. I screamed for Danielle to get me a knife, and by the time I was ready to cut the collar off, the release clasp let go. Mylee fell to the ground, and I knew she was gone. Danielle called Matt to get him home as I was screaming for her to come back to me. I made some other calls to work and my dad...but it is all just a blur. Mylee was gone. After all the drama of taking her to the vets, Matt and I figured out that she had to have snapped her neck. Danielle saw the whole thing and from the time she screamed for me and the time it took for me to get the collar off it was only about 1 minute and 30 seconds, but my dog is gone and I can't get her back.

In the aftermath...I feel so bad for doubting Jacks heart. He has always been gentle and would never ever hurt his girl. I am thankful I was home. It would have been worse to come home to it and potentially have lost BOTH of my dogs. The grief has been horrible. I have cried every day since she has been gone. Danielle couldn't sleep alone because of the flashbacks she was getting. Matt has dealt with death way more then I have and he has been so good to me, but he is suffering too. We thought we had at least 10 more years with her...Jacks has been so depressed as well. He lost his girl.We all have been trying to cope, but it has been so hard.

Mylee you are so missed!! You came into our lives and made us a family. You have taken a piece of our hearts with you and I am forever grateful to have had you in my life. I hope you are having fun and know that we will all see each other again soon.Thank you for all the love you gave me.

                                                   Mylee Sandee Sagona
                                        October 14th, 2008 - March 16th, 2011      

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  1. She may have made us a family, but it was your love that brought her into our lives and shaped us into what we are. Mylee is waiting on the Other Side, and she thanks you, as do I.